Experience:10 Years


Weight:77 kg



Irish Dance Coach and Educator


Firstly, I would personally like to welcome you to Irish Dancing Physical Fitness. It’s possible that I have worked with you already but if not, I look forward to sharing all of my proven methodologies and knowledge with you!

Who am I and what is my background?

I’m going to answer that question with a question, where do I start?!

Being an Irish dancer in my younger years and being a high-level athlete all my life I was always going to fall back into something sports-related when deciding what to do with my career. Irish Dancing was always something I continued to have a passion for over the years even long after I finished competing and I saw a massive need for the work that I do so I said why not, let’s see if dancers would be interested in learning from me. Years later, here I am. I’ve traveled the world, worked with many dancers including multiple-time world champions, helped dancers go from never getting a recall to getting into the Top 12 in the world… the memories have been great so far!

When I began my journey as an Irish Dance S&C Coach and Therapist it wasn’t easy! There was nothing available online to help guide me. I had to start from scratch. I had to create my own assessment that would help me diagnose an Irish dancers performance, I had to study Irish Dancing in-depth to create effective programming, I had to think outside the box and make new discoveries that would not be heard of in a book to help fix a dancers injury and find out the possible cause… the list goes on… I could speak about my different experiments for days…

Now! I have gained so much knowledge and experience that I will be making a big announcement in the coming weeks which I think you are going to love! Being able to share this knowledge with you on my online training program will be the highlight of my career so far! Without a doubt, I know that you will see huge improvements. You just need to trust yourself, me, and the plan that I put in place for you and stick to it!

And remember, these plans are not just designed to help you improve your Irish dancing performance, they will also help you in life and in other sports in the long term too!


S&C Coaching
Sports Massage / Cupping / Taping
Human Movement Specialist
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