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    Online Assessment & Program


    Please do not purchase this service until you have agreed on a time and date for your appointment with IDPF. (UNLESS YOU ARE PURCHASING WITH THE COUPON OFFER CODE) This service includes: A video call An assessment A program designed to suit your needs This service is suitable for people who need help to resolve […]

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  • School/Group Sessions for Dance Schools – Contact us before purchase.


    Our conditioning classes are suitable for Irish dancers of all ages and abilities and include:

    • Weekly Sessions – as many as you need!
    • Choose a day(s) and time(s) that suits you!
    • Private Watsapp including updates and programs!
    • Classes are 45 minutes to one hour!
    • Classes are conducted via Zoom. You will have your own Zoom link for every class.
    • Personal Instruction during classes.
    • Common subjects covered include Posture, core strength, jump height, hip flexion (lift your legs higher), flexibility, stamina/energy systems, movement preparation for competition and dance practice sessions, dancing mistakes explained, common dancing injuries explained…. and much more!
    • Sign up for 4 weeks at one time, cancel anytime.

    The price displayed varies depending on numbers attending. Please contact us for more information on pricing. 

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  • Step Up Insoles


    An Insole that fits all of your shoes including your running shoes and your dancing shoes! Note: You must be a UK size 2 for the insoles to fit all of your shoes including daily shoes, light dancing shoes, and heavy dancing shoes. Suitable for people who’s feet over-pronate or supinate. Please contact us if […]

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  • Upping Your Step Book – Hardcover


    Irish dance coach Peter O’Grady teaches you how to effectively prepare your body for Irish dancing. He teaches you how to train specific muscle groups that you would commonly use when performing, making your movement more efficient. Subjects covered include: Peter’s Story Injury and Recovery Foundations of effective training Movement Preparation including your warm-up routine […]

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  • Upping Your Step Exercise Instruction DVD


    Follow Peter & Paul as they show you how to perform the most effective exercises for Irish dancers. A great DVD for anyone who is starting a new plan with IDPF or for anyone who is looking for new effective training ideas for Irish dancing.

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