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Specific Training For Irish Dancing. Train Like An Athlete. Train Like A Champion.

Live Online Training Sessions. Train Anywhere.

Train with highly recommended and experienced Irish Dancing Physical Fitness coaches Peter and Paul O’Grady and special guests every week live on zoom!

These classes focus on areas to help improve your Irish dancing performance including your posture, strength, power, speed, sharpness, turnout, flexibility, balance, coordination, endurance etc.

We break down areas in relation to your dancing steps to help you to improve in specific areas including staying high on your toes, turnout, avoiding excessive forward lean, avoiding knee flexion when lifting your legs, improving your range of motion, jump height, keeping your arms in, rounded shoulders and stamina etc.

Classes run on a weekly basis and are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Online workshops are also offered on a frequent basis and include exciting guests!

Sign up for our classes anytime! If you wish to book an online workshop for you and your school or dancing friends then please contact us and we will be happy to accommodate you!

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