Flexibility Workshop Part Two – March 7th


If you have not attended Part 1 of our workshop, it does NOT mean that you cannot attend Part 2. Attending Part 2 without attending Part 1 just means that you missed a topic but you can always book in for this workshop (Part 1) when it is available at a later date.

In January/February, highly respected Irish Dance S&C Coach, Therapist, Human Movement specialist, Author Peter O’Grady ran a very successful flexibility workshop (Part 1) which all attendees found very helpful. The main subject discussed was such a very important and very large topic so he could only focus on this one area for this workshop so now we have set up a new date to cover the rest of the content!

These workshops are suitable for all ages and levels, however, we do recommend that young individuals are supervised because they may need extra help when taking notes and trying to complete some of the activities.

This virtual flexibility workshop (part 2) will be conducted via Zoom on the 7th March at 5 PM GMT (Irish Time) and will take up to 2 hours to complete. 

When you book your place, IDPF will be in contact with you a few days before the workshop with information via email.

If you need more information before booking your place, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Irish Dancing Physical Fitness will be running live online workshops every month for the 2021 year. Out of all of the workshops that we will be running, the flexibility workshops are the ones you do not want to miss! A large percentage of Irish dancers struggle when it comes to flexibility and see it as a constant battle! But this workshop is going to make life easier for everyone!

Some of the subjects covered:

  • Stretching forms
  • How and when to stretch – Every major area is covered.
  • Stretching Routine – A proven 15-minute routine! This routine has seen 90% positive results for Irish dancers!
  • Self Assessments – Demonstration, Instructions and Explanations
  • Flexibility Program Design
  • Injuries, Dancing Performance and More!

Equipment needed:

  • A notepad and pen
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing
  • An exercise mat
  • A foam roller
  • A small self-massage ball (or similar)
  • A theraband / Resistance band
  • Water

A note from Peter:

If I gave everyone a generic strength training program to follow and if they followed it, more than likely, everyone would see results to some degree. But, if I gave the same flexibility program to everyone, and they followed it, the results would not be so good and may even have negative effects on the dancer’s performance and may also increase the risk of injury! Seeing people completing the same stretches in groups frustrates me because I know for sure that someone in that group probably shouldn’t be doing at least one of the stretches which they are being asked to complete. I understand that it can be difficult to know what stretches are good for you and what stretches are bad for you, hence why I am running this workshop to help you. Not only will I be teaching you the basics of stretching including stretching forms, how to stretch, when to stretch etc. but I will also be teaching you how to self-assess yourself so that you will know what stretches are suitable for you and what stretches are not! This will enable you to design an effective stretch routine to suit your needs. During the workshop, I will also be discussing how poor flexibility has a negative effect on your dancing performance. Not only does poor flexibility restrict your movement but it can cause other problems as well. It is a workshop full of information and I have no doubt that you will find it very beneficial in the long term. I look forward to seeing you there!


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