New Online Training Days For Irish Dancers Confirmed!

Irish Dancing Physical Fitness coach and sports therapist Peter O’Grady has announced that he will be restarting his online training classes this week, Thursday the 15th of September. Peter has been working with dancers worldwide since 2014 but started offering his services online on a weekly basis in March 2020. His classes continued all year long including during the annual holidays. In July 2022, it was the first time that he took a break from his classes because he felt that many of his dancing clients needed that well-deserved break. Now he cannot wait to start working with everyone online again!

Training Days & Times

After sending out a WhatsApp message to the current online members, Peter decided that Tuesday, Thursday and Friday were the most popular days requested. At first, he had planned to only run two weekly sessions but he has decided to run a third class to try to accommodate everyone. So here is the new schedule: (Times are GMT+1 Dublin)

Tuesday at 5:30 pm on a weekly basis – Starting the 20th of September 2022

Thursday at 7:30 pm (3 Thursdays On, One Thursday Off) – Starting the 15th of September 2022

Friday at 6:30 pm (3 Fridays On, One Friday Off) – Starting the 23rd of September 2022


All online training sessions are complete using Zoom. When you sign up you will receive your link.

Recorded Sessions

Sessions can be recorded on request if you can’t make it live!

Sign Up Date

All new members are asked to sign up from Wednesday the 14th of September 2022. You can view sign-up options using the link below.

Program – Irish Dancing Physical Fitness

WhatsApp Group

Don’t forget to join our WhatsApp Group for updates. Use this link:

See You Soon!

Irish Dancing Physical Fitness

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