Balance Training and Footwork Drills

Complete 2-3 workouts per week. If you have been advised to have a rest day but you still want to do something, these sessions would be a great option. Sessions in this section include SLB (single leg balance) exercises, SLR (single leg reach exercises), SLK (single leg kicking) exercises, SSB (sloped surface balance) exercises, Ball Toss Exercises, Hop-to Exercises, Step Up and Step Down Exercises, Star Cone Exercises & Wobble Board Training. These exercises mainly concentrate on stabilizing the joints to prepare the body to react and contract the correct muscles when operating in an unstable environment. If you fail to complete the task without performing any errors, then do not move onto the next workout. You failed if (depending on the exercise): 1) You touched the ground with the foot you are supposed to be keeping off the ground. 2) Trunk flexion is more than 30 degrees. 3) Both legs touch each other to help you balance. 4) Your arms leave your chest to compensate. 5) Foot Placement was not stable after landing 6) Did not stick the landing

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