Our Fitness Trainers

Always free from repetition repeat predefined chunks injected humour

Paul O'Grady

Personal Trainer, Coach & Athlete

Paul has competed as an Irish dancer in his younger years at the major competitions, representing his local dancing school. Paul is not only a highly qualified coach with years of experience but he is also a top-level athlete. As an athlete, Paul has represented his club, county, and country over the years. As a coach, he has trained Irish dancers, from beginners to world champions and he has also trained professional athletes in many other sports. He cannot wait to share his experiences and expertise with you and he looks forward to helping you to achieve your goals!

Peter O' Grady

Irish Dance Coach and Educator

Peter is known for his freakishly accurate diagnosis. He can recognize a dancer's faults just by completing physical assessments on the dancer. How can he do this? You are going to find out! Not only will he teach you how to self assess, helping you to recognize where your faults are coming from but he will also be able to show you how to fix them. The videos included in this online training program are designed based on his findings over the years. He has helped hundreds of dancers to date, including regional, national and world champions and knows exactly what needs to be done to help Irish dancers to achieve their goals!