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Upping Your Step - A Training manual for Irish dancing (Hardcover)

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Irish dance coach Peter O'Grady teaches you how to effectively prepare your body for Irish dancing. He teaches you how to train specific muscle groups that you would commonly use when performing, making your movement more efficient. Subjects covered include:
  • Peter's Story
  • Injury and Recovery
  • Foundations of effective training
  • Movement Preparation including your warm-up routine
  • Strength Training: Targeting common muscle groups and movements used when dancing
  • Balance Training: A must for anyone starting a new training plan
  • How to track your health and wellness - Chart
  • Flexibility
  • Cardiovascular Training
  • Planning & Preparation  



Product Review (1)

  • Peter O'Grady
    6 months ago at 10:57 AM

    Nice Product

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