09 Jan, 2020

Thank you Irish Dancing!

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Let me just say that I love my work! And I thank Irish Dancing for that ????
As a dancer myself I enjoyed the practice sessions, the extra training sessions, and the competitions. The support you get from family & friends, and your dance teachers are something that cannot go unnoticed. Meeting friends and new people from other schools around the world and sharing your experiences and your passion for the same sport is something you will always remember. All of this together is what makes Irish dancing so unique!
We are a large group of people who travel from all over the world for the same reason! And that reason is ‘Love.’ The Love we share for Irish dancing.
When my time as a dancer ended, I missed those good times. Even years later. Being able to play a role within the dancing world again is a dream job come true. Being able to work with dancers who share the same experiences makes me happy. There is nothing better than seeing your clients achieve their goals and dreams and more importantly, understanding what it means to them.
It is my love for Irish dancing and my passion for health, fitness and the human body that makes my job so special.
People email and message me everyday asking for my help. And do you know what? I help them! I have sent out hundreds of programs to date to dancers from all over the world. Yes it takes time, yes it’s my valuable time, yes I could charge whatever I want for my service! But for me, it’s not about that… it is about helping another dancer achieve their dreams. The dreams which I once had too!
If you are a dancer that needs my help, don’t hesitate to ask! It only takes a few seconds…. email me, message me, visit my website and contact me there!
I always look forward to meeting new clients.
Enjoy your day!
If you want more information on our workshops, please visit our Workshop page on my website.
Thank you!
Peter O’Grady
The Author of Upping Your Step: Training for Success in Irish Dancing.
Irish Dancing Physical Fitness
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