Live Training with Peter – short sessions?

Train with Peter Live on his social media channels. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to his youtube channel and don't forget to follow him on his social media channels.

Live Zoom Recordings?

These Zoom recordings are 45 minutes to an hour-long in duration. Subjects discussed are in no particular order. Personal instruction is included during our live training sessions so you may hear this during our sessions.
Live with Peter: Hip Flexion

Dont forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channels! Irish Dancing Physical Fitness coach Peter O’Grady shows you how to effectively train your body to you to perform hip flexion with ease. This workout includes dynamic movements including knee hugs, a quad stretch and a leg cradle. It includes strength exercises including mountain climbers, deadbugs, and quarter squat jumps and it includes stretches like the butterfly and the glute bridge. See my online program on

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