Recorded Live training sessions for you to follow!

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Did you miss a session? Don’t worry! We will be adding some live training video sessions for you here!

These videos were either recorded live on our social media channels (don’t forget to follow us!) or they were recorded on zoom!

Know that our zoom sessions always include personal instruction so ignore any personal instructions that we might be giving…

ACTUALLY… use the instructions and the corrections that we are pointing out in the video to help to improve your own performance!


What Will I Learn?

  • You can train anywhere
  • You can train anytime
  • If you miss a session we will post it here for you at a later date so you don't miss out

Topics for this course

9 Lessons

Live Training with Peter – short sessions?

Train with Peter Live on his social media channels. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to his youtube channel and don't forget to follow him on his social media channels.
Live with Peter: Balance Training and Footwork drills00:00:00
Live with Peter: A quick circuit training session00:00:00
Live with Peter: Back workout00:00:00
Live with Peter: A plank workout00:00:00
Recorded beginners workout with Peter – Upper Body00:00:00

Live Zoom Recordings?

These Zoom recordings are 45 minutes to an hour-long in duration. Subjects discussed are in no particular order. Personal instruction is included during our live training sessions so you may hear this during our sessions.

Material Includes

  • Equipment needed depends on the session.


  • Equipment used during these sessions may vary depending on the session.

Target Audience

  • Our IDPF Members including dancers, teachers and parents.

Pick a plan

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