Dancing Stronger!

Our online classes not only focus on one type of strength but all types to help you become a stronger dancer improving your overall strength, speed, power, sharpness, and fitness levels. As a result, your movement will be more efficient, you will reduce the risk of injury and you will have more energy.

Here is a sample program that will give you a better understanding of how our strength training programs will improve your dancing performance:

Exercises: (all performed with loop bands)

  1. Glute Bridges
  2. Clams
  3. Side-Lying Leg Raises

Perform 12 repetitions (each side) and complete 3 sets. Tempo: 3-3-3 seconds for better activation. Complete this program 2-4 days per week.

Activating your glutes including your hip external rotators will not only improve hip and knee stability, alignment and balance etc. but will also help to improve your turnout and will enable you to maintain optimal turnout from the hip for longer periods. Activating your hip external rotators will also inhibit (switch off) your hip internal rotators, lessening restrictions and reducing the risk of injury as a result. Not only will this improve your turnout but it will also improve your mobility and flexibility in specific areas including hip flexion with your knee extended.


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