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There are times when my dancing clients see results after completing just a few weeks of training. And then there are times when some dancers don’t see results after a few months of training. This does not mean that it is not working for you, it just means that it is going to take longer.

Some athletes are fortunate and can peak fast. Others not so much. But as time passes, and you continue to stick to the plan, you will see yourself passing out those dancers who peaked so soon.

Here’s my story which you might be able to relate to….

As a young boy growing up, I loved all sports and still do. I’ve competed in Gaelic football, Soccer, MMA and Irish dancing of course! I was that kid who used to knock on people’s doors to get every kid in the neighbourhood outside to play games and have some fun. I was competitive in every sport or game I took part in. I would feel disappointed even if we lost a game of baseball or ‘rounders’ as we used to call it, in the playground. But this did not stop me from trying again.

When starting out as an athlete, I was never the best. I was always the kid who did a good job but no more. There was always the same few kids who were just good at everything. And instead of being jealous or hating them for it, I actually admired it and I said ‘I want to be like that’. So when I reached my early teens, those kids who were good at everything, were still the best but I felt like I was getting closer to the top.  So one year, I said to myself, this is my year! I started training when I knew that nobody else was, I went back to basics and focused on getting the simple things right. By the time season training came around, I was ready! We competed in some pre-season winter games and when the time came to choosing the captain for the year, I was given the role. I was obviously delighted but felt that I still had to prove myself. The season went on and before you know it we were already into our next year of pre-season training. Again I stuck to the plan, focused on the things I needed to improve on and the season had started again, with me as captain for the second year running. I captained my team for five years running and by the end of those 5 years, we had a completely different team.

Some kids who were average just like me were some of the best players on the team. Those kids who peaked early and were the best were no more. They were still great athletes but not what they used to be. Some even quit. I was fortunate enough to reach my goal and play for my County later on.

Never stop trying!

If you have read my story above, I hope you get the point that I am trying to get across to you.

If you are competitive and love what you do, don’t give up! You could be that dancer who never gets a recall or who never reaches the podium but if you can be patient and give yourself the chance, someday you will reach your goals you once thought were impossible.

‘’If the short game doesn’t work for you, play the long game’’

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Thank you for reading.

Written by

Peter O’ Grady

Author of Upping Your Step

A training book & DVD for Irish dancing


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