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Fyer1Upping Your Step features over 70 illustrations in full colour of the most effective strength exercises and it describes the unique relationship between them and your dance steps.

Upping Your Step is the first illustrated training book for Irish dancers. It will assist you in discovering more efficient ways to improve your performance. This is different from other strength and conditioning books in that it specifically focuses on Irish dancers. Another unique factor is that it is the first book to explain the real reasons behind poor performances in relation to dancing techniques. This book provides you with a full understanding of the interrelationship between each muscle group and the fine movements of the body involved in Irish dancing.

Upping Your Step is the perfect addition to your future training plans.

Irish dancing, as we all know, is an extraordinary display of physical skill that becomes an art and a charming delight to observe. It requires intense muscular control, speed, stamina, balance, rhythm and elegance. In order to be able to compete in today’s high-performance market, you must be both physically and mentally fit.

The images demonstrating each exercise will give you an understanding of movement, the muscles that contract to create an action, and how and why these movements underperform. I explain in detail the exercises you must carry out, on a daily basis, in order to improve specific dance movements.

This book will provide the tools needed for effective results and will give you the answers to your own individual problems.

Contents include
 Introduction
 Back to Basics
 Injury and Recovery
 Foundations of Effective Training
 Scale Your Health and Performance
 Warm-Ups and Cool-Downs
 Strength Training for Irish Dancers
 Balance Training
 Flexibility
 Conditioning for Irish Dancers
 This book also includes a sample training plan
 Season 2015 – Sample year calendar to what you should be focusing on?


Upping Your Step covers all of the basics that every dancer should know. It is a must-have for Irish dancers at all levels. It is also essential reading for teachers who want to inform themselves and their students, as well as parents and their children.

This book will educate dancers in a way that they have never been before. When you put Peter’s program into action, I believe it will help you to develop into a much stronger dancer and performer.

This is a very educational book for Irish dancers of the world and a great reference to have to help you throughout your dancing career.


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