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  • REDUCE PAIN AND IMPROVE ALIGNMENT: Our soft memory gel cushions the heel and adjusts foot alignment, helping aid in improving ankle, knee, hip and back alignment to reduce pain and improve gait.
  • EASY APPLICATION: Self-sticking makes for an easy application and compatible with all types of shoes.
  • NO ODOR: Our gel pads are antibacterial/antimicrobial and will not stink. They are also washable to help you to keep them well maintained.
  • CE MARKED: Applied to products to indicate that they conform with relevant EU directives regarding health and safety or environmental protection. Our insoles are approved!
  • FREE PROGRAM: When you purchase our STEP UP INSOLES, you will also get a sample program to help you to fix your issue in the long-term. We do not believe that insoles should be worn for life. They should be a temporary solution to help you to fix the issue.

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Our Premium Step Up adhesive heel support stops over-supination and over-pronation of the foot, reduces wear and tear and will reduce the risk of injuries. They are washable and re-useable. 

The heel support will help to ease the pressure and stress on muscles, tendons, and joints for over-supination and over-pronation problems, varus (bowlegged) and valgus (knock-kneed) malalignment. For many dancers and for many people in general, foot pronation seems to be the most common problem. This can cause many injuries including ankle sprains and strains, Achilles problems, stress fractures, shin splints, knee injuries, and hip injuries.

They have a raised portion that is 1/4″ tall for either lateral or medial unloading. They come as a pair with both left and right sides. One size fits all.

Can they fit into a dancing shoe?

Yes, these heel supports can fit into a dancers light dance shoes and heavy dance shoes! We have found that dancers who experienced some injuries recovered much faster when they wore the Step Up support insole in their dancing shoes as well as their everyday shoes. Wearing the insole whilst you dance, will help your foot placement and will reduce the risk of injuries.

What makes these different to other insoles? 

  • THEY FIT YOUR DANCING SHOES! Dancers have tried these for us during the testing process and they had no problem wearing them in their dance shoes. Instructions are included with your insoles and must be followed.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL, SAVING YOU MONEY! Unlike other insoles and orthotics, you do not need to buy a new pair every time your feet grow! The smallest recommended shoe size is a female size UK 2 in your normal everyday shoes. However, we have had others try them who had a smaller shoe size and no complaints.



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