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This ticket includes a seat at our seminar! More details can be found using this link We are so excited to see you! You will be so happy you didn’t miss it! Please note that you are advised to wear loose/comfortable clothing. The seminar may include some very light activity (it is recommended that you take part but you can choose to just watch too so don’t worry!) If you are a dancer, you may be asked to take part as an assessment model when discussing different subjects but don’t worry, everyone will be doing it with you. I will ask all the dancers to wear shorts under their clothing so we can do this. You are also recommended to bring healthy food snacks because the workshop will include breaks between discussions. Also, make sure you have lots of paper and pens to take lots of notes because Peter will be educating you a lot on the day. Peter will also give you the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the seminar so please have your questions ready!

Subjects covered during the workshop

  • The importance of an assessment – we will be teaching you some self-testing assessments to monitor your progress!
  • How to program after the assessment – we will know from the assessment what your main focus should be, so now we will design a program suitable for you.
  • Finding the causes of dancing errors and restrictions – Peter will show you how he can recognise faults and he will explain where they come from and how to resolve them.
  • How to target a muscle properly! – Exercise instruction and the importance of good technique will be discussed. Doing it and doing it right could be the difference between success and failure. We will relate this to your dance movements too!
  • Common injuries and causes – Peter will discuss common injuries and explain to you why they might be occurring. He will also give you tips on treatment and recovery.
  • Weekly Planning & Year Planning – Schedules are busy so timing is everything. Learn how you can save time but still get the work done.
  • Simple Nutrition – Learn how to follow a good diet the easy way. Also, some tips on nutrition for before during and after competition will be discussed.
  • Q&A – Peter will answer all of your questions that you have been dying to know the answers to if he hasn’t covered it already during the seminar.

There is much more to cover on the day but we could be writing forever! At the end of the day, we have no doubt that you will be much more confident, you will be so excited to start, motivated and you will have a lot more belief in yourself because you will have the correct tools to guide you!

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