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You are a fantastic role model!

Peter, I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for everything! My daughter has participated in all of your weekly sessions and workshops since the beginning of 2020. These have provided tremendous support, motivation and encouragement for all of the children throughout a difficult period. You ran these workshops and […]

Eabha and Roise

Thank you Peter for running a camp during the holidays. We really enjoyed it even though it was very tough at times. We really enjoyed having something to focus on each day. We particularly liked the way you changed things up so we had something different to focus on. We love working with you, you […]


I really loved your workshop. Your workshop really helped me to find my weaknesses and my strengths and I am so excited to continue working with the program to get stronger and become the best version of myself.

Sophie and Rebecca

Thank you for your workshop. We loved every day! We loved the variety or information delivered. Your sessions are always very informative and you always give us great instructive advice.


Hi Peter, thank you for running the workshop during the holidays it was very beneficial in all ways especially the posture exercises. I can really see my posture getting that little bit better already! The lower and upper body exercises were difficult but great for my fitness. Thanks for all of it, I will be […]


I really enjoyed your training sessions during the school holidays. I found the exercise explanations very helpful. Now I know what my weaknesses and strengths are and now I know what I need to do to fix them. Thank you again. I look forward to working with you again soon!


Thank you for running the camp during the school holidays, I looked forward to them every day. I was tired and stiff the next day but I felt much stronger and it made me want to practice more! Thank you again and see you Tuesday for more online training.

Lily Rose

I really loved having a training camp to do during school holidays. It kept me motivated and determined to improve my fitness levels. I really loved the core workouts. It was great how we focused on a different subject every day. Peter recapped everything we did at the end of the week which was really […]

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