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Irish Dancing Physical Fitness Workshops

Our workshops are open to dancers, teachers and parents at all stages of development. The primary goal of our workshops is to broaden your knowledge in methodologies best for improving your Irish dancing performance.

Who will benefit from this Workshop?

Every dancer who wants all of their hard work to pay off will benefit from this Workshop. We believe that every dancer deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential.

What is included in the Workshop?

When you sign up with Irish Dancing Physical Fitness we will work with you to enable continual improvement to help you to reach your goals. You will work with a team who have danced at a high level, who has worked with champions, who are highly qualified strength and conditioning coaches, physical therapists, nutritionists, mindset coaches amongst other qualifications. We will share all of the knowledge that we have gained over the years with you to help you to succeed.

Our workshops include the following subjects:

Screening, Mobility & Flexibility testing, Strength testing, Balance testing, Co-Ordination & Agility testing, Injury assessment for both past and present injuries, Individual Reports and Programming, Exercise Instruction, Discussions including Nutrition and the relationship between Irish dancing and the body and how it works.

New Workshop Dates and Locations

Summer Workshops 2018!

Nenagh Arts Centre, Tipperary July 29th

Northern Ireland August 23rd

Tuam, Galway August 25th

Dublin 22nd September

  • One to one assessments

  • Programming and Instruction

  • Mindset and Nutrition Coaching

  • How to Plan your dancing season – Instruction

  • Weekly Questions and Answers (ask me anything, anytime and I will help you)

  • Private Groups Access and Support

  • Individual training programs and reports for each student (every student is different!)

  • Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation Programming

  • Teacher training plans – We assist the teachers as well as the students

  • You will have our assistance at competitions and events when we are available to attend.

Re-Assessments are a MUST!

When you have completed your first workshop, it is recommended that you re-schedule for your next workshop within 4-8 weeks. This will motivate the dancers and will encourage them to stick to their individual programs. Frequent assessments and programming will get you results, FASTER!

Our Workshops

Our Level 1 Workshop serves as a foundation and teaches you the basics of our methodologies including the correct methods for warming up and cooling down, the correct ways to perform exercises specific for Irish dancers, scaling your health and performance, basic nutrition and mindset coaching and much more.BUY NOW

The Level 2 Workshop is dedicated to improving their abilities, expanding their knowledge and teaching them how to advance their training using specific methodologies. You will then be encouraged to dedicate yourselves to practical application of the concepts presented at our Workshops and results-based training and programming.

Those meeting the physical requirements will then be introduced to our Level 3 Workshop where we will teach you how to maintain the physical demands of Irish dancing.BUY NOW

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