Irish Dancers must be Patient

Irish Dancing Physical FitnessTo date, I have been giving you tips and advice on how to improve your Irish dancing performance. Today I am going to share something with you that should be obvious, but for most people, it is the reason you have not been successful so far.

People who see me, get assessed, get the answers they need, get the nutrition and training program they need to help improve their performance or to recover from a specific injury… they are given this valuable information on top of receiving the best instruction from their dance teachers…

But… there is one important element that cannot be trained by anyone accept you!


Just because you have the best teachers, trainers and programmes it still does not mean that it will all work out for you overnight. Im sure you have heard of the saying ‘Rome wasnt built in one day’. The same applies to you. When you are given valuable instruction, don’t abuse it. Instead, use it to your advantage.

The dancer who is patient, will finish the programming in proper sequence, despite the struggles encountered on his/her journey. Without patience and time you will fail to succeed. Even the hardest working dancer’s who are impatient will still fail to succeed. They work harder than ever, but because they expect to see instant results, they fail to reach their goals.

After reading this post I hope that you continue to train with intensity, but recognize the importance of patience. There will be times when you feel that progression is slow, but giving up on your goal completely is not the answer. Those who survive the long and difficult journey are usually the ones who succeed.

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Thank you for reading.
Peter O’ Grady
Author of Upping Your Step’ A training book for Irish Dancing.


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