Groin Strain

A groin strain or a groin pull is a tear or rupture to any one of the adductor muscles resulting in inner thigh pain. A pulled groin muscle can range from very mild to completely debilitating. We explain the symptoms, treatment and rehabilitation exercises to help recover from a groin strain in the shortest possible time.


Symptoms of an acute groin strain typically include a sudden sharp pain in the groin area, either in the belly of the muscle or higher. The athlete may or may not be able to play on depending on how bad it is. There may also be rapid swelling followed by bruising. Groin strains are graded 1, 2 or 3 depending on the extent of the injury.


Treatment for a groin strain is based around immediate first aid to stop bleeding and swelling and then restoring the muscle to full function. Peter O’ Grady has designed a rehabilitation programme that will help you to recover as quick as possible. It is advisable that you take advantage of it and follow his programme.