Irish Dancers do not have control of their goals

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‘’Irish Dancers do not have control of their goals’’

 ‘No goal equals no motivation’. This is one of my quotes which I use often. As I tell my dancers during my workshops, motivation on its own, is not enough to become the best dancer you can be. It’s like running as fast as you can without knowing where you are going or why you are doing it.


Setting goals is like making a travel plan. The first thing you need to do is figure out where you want to go and then you need to figure out how you are going to get there.All of us need to set goals for ourselves in life. This is not a SHOULD, it is a MUST!


But…. for all of you Irish dancers out there, there is something you need to understand. As an Irish dancer, you do not have control of your goals, you only have control of your behaviours. In other words, you cannot choose your final destination, you can only decide the route you take to get there. And the reason why you have no control of your goals is because we have judges who grade us and make that final decision for us.



Now, what do I mean when I say you only have control of your behaviours? Your behaviours include, your training plan, your dance practice sessions, your nutrition, your sleeping patterns and the list goes on… These are the things that you as a dancer have control of to get one step closer to reaching your goal.
And at least when you know that by focusing on your behaviours and performing these behaviours to the best of your ability, you are in control of that… And if you have done your best to try to control these behaviours to reach your goal, then it does not matter what the outcome is because at least you know you have done everything you possibly could to try to achieve that goal.


‘If you have tried your best to achieve that goal but didn’t get the result you wanted, know that you have not failed.

Because you cannot fail if you tried your best!’’

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By Peter O’ Grady
The Author of ‘Upping Your Step’. A training book for Irish dance.
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