The advantages of strong glutes for Irish dancing/ Why / How to / Exercises

The glutes are the strongest muscle groups in the human body. The glutes, also known as gluteus maximus, minimus and medius work together to make movements such as sitting down and standing up amongst other movements much easier. Developing the glutes will also improve posture, athletic performance and decrease  the risk of injuries.

As I promised in my last blog, I will tell you why strong glutes benefit you as a dancer.

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Strong glutes are essential in every sport but I can’t stress enough how important strong glutes are for you as an Irish dancer. They are responsible for changing direction, creating explosive power in jumps, acceleration and deceleration as well as improving other areas.  To make it easier for you to understand the importance of strong glutes, I have listed just some of the common faults below.

Weak glutes and Irish dancing 

> Less control of your turn outs.

> Less efficient and less explosive in your movements.

> Less speed.

> Higher risk of injuries.

> You may find it hard to fully extend the knees, especially when performing high leg movements (bending the knees)

> Less control and less support when landing and as a result, you may find it hard to stay upright on your toes.

> Poor posture

Again these are just some of the common faults which I have seen and helped dancer’s to fix. By developing the glutes you can avoid these common faults and better your performance as well as decreasing the chances of injury.

Bodyweight exercises to help develop the glutes include: 

Squats, Glute Bridges, Lateral band walks, Step Ups.

These exercises can be found in my new training book for Irish dancers ‘Upping Your Step’. This book can be purchased on my website. Please see the link below.

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Peter O’ Grady

Author of ‘Upping Your Step’. A training book for Irish dance.

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