Femoral Anteversion and Turnout / Irish Dance

Femoral Anteversion and the effects it has on your turnouts for Irish dancing… is this you?

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So… what is turnout? 

Turnout is a term used in Irish dancing to describe the position of the legs, in which the lateral rotation of both legs causes a dancer’s toes to point outward. This may seem like a simple task on paper but for a high percentage of Irish dancer’s this can be a challenge. You may recognize some dancers executing turnout from the knees and ankles, but know that this is not proper, safe or healthy technique. Correct turnout is created by outward rotation of the hip, the knee joint, tibia and the ankle. Keep reading to find out more.

A possible turnout limitation – is this you?

For some dancer’s, creating turnout may be more difficult than others. Why?

Flexibility…. possibly…

Poor strength levels… possibly…

BUT… what if you were born with femoral anteversion?



Now, you are probably thinking what is this? Let me explain.

Normal or ideal turnout is identified as 180 degrees outward rotation. Some children may not have normal hip rotation and may be born with femoral anteversion meaning that they may walk or stand with their knees turned inward and facing each other.

So when a person with femoral anteversion tries to correct their turnout by rotating the knees outward, they will only have a limited amount of hip rotation, allowing them to correct femoral anteversion to normal hip rotation meaning that they will be left with a limited amount of hip rotation to complete ideal turnout for Irish dancing.

If you think this is you, don’t panic! Just get in contact with me and I will be happy to help you! Does this mean you have to give up dancing.. not at all! Does this mean you will never be able to improve your turnout.. not at all! We just need to train each individual’s hips specifically.

If this is not you, don’t think you got an out of jail card. There are many individual differences in the human body, there are many different possibilities in optimizing turnout and there are many other areas which you as a dancer need to focus on to improve your turnout including pelvic alignment, muscle balance and core support.

If you need my help, do not hesitate to contact me! I am always happy to help.


Thank you for reading!

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By Peter O’ Grady

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