Confidence. The difference between a champion Irish dancer and the rest.

Confidence. The difference between a champion Irish dancer and the rest.


Confidence is a subject I speak about often when conducting workshops. Lacking confidence is the difference between being a great dancer and being the best dancer. To be successful and to reach your goals, you must be confident. And yes, of course, you must have necessary ability, but if you don’t believe that you have the ability, then you won’t perform at your best.

As a coach who has trained champions, I have worked with dancers who have the necessary strength, stamina, flexibility and technique, but their achievements have not reflected their true ability because they lack one single ingredient… confidence! The dancers who I have trained and who have succeeded, believe that they are capable of anything and believe they can achieve their goals. They will push themselves to their limits. They will make sacrifices. They understand that there are consequences.

To be truly confident as a dancer you must not only believe that you can achieve your goals but you must also be confident that you have the ability necessary to perform your dance steps with ease. So, you must not only build confidence as a dancer in general, but you must build confidence with relation to specific areas related to Irish dancing such as your physical capabilities, understanding the art itself, being able to understand the music and being able to perform the steps.

So… you get it! You need to build confidence and be confident! The question you want to ask me next is, how do I build confidence?

Confidence takes some time to develop, you cannot click your fingers and just decide that you are going to be confident, it does not work that way. You must truly believe it.

Confidence is built on preparation. As I said in one of my previous blogs, two of the three simple steps to being a successful dancer is to have a strategy and to believe in that strategy. You must put in the effort and the hours to improve your strength and conditioning for Irish dancing, to improve your technique and to develop your mental game. By doing this, you will then enter a competition, knowing that you have done everything you can, knowing that you are the strongest you can be, knowing that your conditioning is at its peak and knowing that you have worked hard to perfect your dancing steps to the best of your ability. Being prepared helps you to gain trust in your ability and helps you to recognize your abilities. And just by sticking to this one simple task called preparation, you are already one step closer to believing in your goals and reaching them….

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