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IDPF Knee Injuries‘We are one step ahead of the rest’

I assessed an Irish dancer who complained of right medial knee pain. Using specific tests including the single leg stance, I noticed that her foot pronates on the same leg she was experiencing knee pain. I had her figured out within a few minutes….

But let me tell you what this client did before seeing me….

Before booking an assessment with me, she had tried to solve the problem herself by resting and applying ice occasionally when painful. As you know from reading my previous posts, ice is not the answer and will only numb the pain for a short period of time. After doing this for some time she returned to dance practice but unfortunately the result was the same. So she decided to get hands on treatment from a physical therapist which she said helped for a short period of time but eventually the injury had returned. This is when she got in contact with myself.

The injury she experienced was very common, especially for young people. My diagnosis was not a difficult one to figure out but unfortunately for this particular client, it took a little longer for her to find the answer she needed. For this client, the reason why she suffered medial knee pain was because her foot pronated anytime she added extra bodyweight to that leg and the reason why her foot pronated was because she had weak hip abductors. Simple.

What’s the next step?

We designed a program specific to her needs and she has been doing great since.

As some of you already know….

‘We don’t go after the site of pain, we figure out why it occurred in the first place!’

If you think this is you then feel free to contact us. If you have been assessed by us before and were happy with the results then please let us know. It is always nice to hear how people progress.

Thank you for reading.

By Peter O’ Grady

Author of ‘Upping Your Step’

A training book for Irish dance.

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