Upping Your Step is an illustrated full-colour guide for Irish dancers to help improve their strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and posture. Upping Your Step is the perfect addition to your future training plans. 

Irish dancing physical fitness is here to educate you on the most effective ways to perfecting your Irish Dancing performance.

As you know Irish Dancing is a well-known and highly competitive sport worldwide. To succeed in Irish Dancing you not only have to practice regularly but you must also include a dance specific fitness training routine. Parents and teachers are becoming aware of this more and more each day which is great and we are here to help you to assure that the dance specific fitness training programme you are following is best suited for you and to assure you are performing the exercises safely and correctly to get 100% results.

Philosphy We Strive For

In our younger years we were you! We trained, we practiced, we competed and we loved it! We are one of very few, qualified within the health and fitness industry who works with Irish dancers and who understands the Irish dancing world. Your passion is our passion!

Irish Dancing Physical Fitness have helped dancers reach their goals which include winning the World Championships, winning the Irish Nationals, getting placed on the podium at major events, getting a first world medal and getting recalled at major events for the first time.

With years of experience working within the Irish dancing Industry and with our wide range of expertise we believe we have the best tools necessary to help you to achieve your goals.

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